The last time Justin Trudeau needed money, he raised taxes on Canadians living with disabilities

September 30, 2019

Trudeau can’t be trusted to make life more affordable for you and your family  

Ottawa, Ontario – Yesterday, as part of the Liberal platform, Justin Trudeau announced an expansion of the Child Disability Tax Credit.

But the last time Justin Trudeau needed money for his out-of-control deficit spending he targeted Canadians living with disabilities to pay the bill.

In 2016 Justin Trudeau ordered the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to crack down on “tax cheats”. As a result, the CRA started clawing back disability benefits – cutting off diabetics, children with Autism, and a number of other Canadians living with chronic conditions.

The result was endless hardship for Canadians living with disabilities.

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The CRA Is Denying The Disability Tax Credit To Some With Disabilities

When Justin Trudeau doesn’t need your vote but he still needs your money, Trudeau will again raise taxes on Canadians living with disabilities.

Trudeau simply cannot be trusted to make life more affordable for these families, he is simply not as advertised.  

Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives can be trusted to put more money back in your pocket to help you and your family get ahead.